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Custom Dry Type Transformers

Dry-type transformers, VPI Resin Impregnated are traditionally used when there are space constraints, concerns for safety of people, property and environment are the top priority. Dry-type transformer is a completely stationary solid-state device,reliable, it needs less maintenance and provides for problem-free service.Dry type transformers provide a safe with low noise and reliable consistent power source which does not require fire-proof vaults, catch basins or the venting of toxic gasses.These safety factors will allow these transformers to install in different applications where fire safety is required like schools, buildings, hospitals, factories, chemical industries etc. Further, the safety factor allows for the installation of dry type transformers inside buildings close to the load, which improves overall system regulation and reduces costly secondary line losses.


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Guide To Customize Your Transformer Requirements

Primary Voltage

We allow you to customize your transformer requirements based on the primary voltage availability for the purpose of the project.

Secondary Voltage

Determine the secondary voltage requirement and ensure both the primary and the secondary voltages are in accord with each other.

Frequency Of Cycle

The next important parameter to customize your transformer is to determine Frequency, which is, the rate at which current changes direction per second. This will help us understand your requirement.

Power Rate or Capacity (kVA)

Power Rate or Capacity can be defined as the maximum output an electricity generator is physically capable of producing. We allow you identify the capacity based on which we customize the transformer.

Vector Group

We follow the international method of categorizing high and low voltage windings of a three-phase transformer based on which we customize your own.

Procurement Tip:

Always select a transformer larger than the actual load,from a safety perspective and from future expansion point of view. Calculate and arrive at the maximum load anticipated, subsequently add in factors for reasonable unplanned load growth (20% is common) and for planned additional load.

Additional factors to customizing your transformer needs:


  • Indoor or outdoor mounted, pad mounted
  • Primary voltage: Configuration delta or Star
  • Secondary voltage: Configuration delta or Star
  • Power factor and efficiency
  • Losses
  • Impedance
  • Temperature rise
  • Enclosure design (based on height, access, cooling etc.)
  • Location, space requirement& constraints
  • Seismic requirement
  • Accessories (including taps) and instrumentation
  • Basic impulse level, which is the withstand rating in kV
Our Solutions

Custom Design and Solutions

Cubicle Panel

We offer customized cubicle panel to suit your purpose and tailor-make it just for you. We ensure that there are multiple slots available to optimally use the power source.

Custom Reactors

Each customized reactor is designed optimally ensuring that it meets the customer’s special requirements. Depending on requirement the windings could be manufactured with Aluminum or Copper.

Distribution and power transformers up to 132 kv class

We deliver top-notch services and transformers, both distribution transformers and power transformers up to 132 kV class to suit your need the best.

Furnace transformers

High-class performing furnace transformers that is guaranteed to last long. It is an investment you will surely not regret making.

High current rectifier transformers

High Current Rectifier Transformers based on the use and projects for a particular client. They are high-performing transformers with a consistent output.

Converter transformers

The converter transformers are adept at both converter stations of DC transmission which are needed in special projects.

Earthing transformers

Earthing transformers which are also known as neutral coupler, usually connected to the power system in order to provide a neutral connection for earthing, through direct way or impedance

Auto transformers

Auto Transformers can assist in applications including the ignition of induction motors, to regulate the voltage of transmission lines, to transform voltages when the primary to secondary source ratio is close to unity.

Speciality Transformers with up to IP 68 enclosures

Speciality Transformers with up to IP 68 enclosures to suit purposes of electrical industries, producing commodities that meets the needs of the consumers and also exceeds it at times.

Solar/Wind Transformer

Solar/Wind transformer is meant for converting the low voltage into high voltage and fed into a power grid. Specially designed to with stand severe Site conditions of solar/wind Power Plants.


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