Distribution Transformer


Rating 16KVA up to 2.5MVA 
Voltage Class Up to 33KV
Frequency 50/60 Hz
No of Phase Single & Three Phase
Cooling ONAN / ONAF
Vector Group As per customer requirement
Winding Material Aluminium / Copper
Tapping OCTC & OLTC
Insulation Class A
Insulation Field Mineral Oil/Silicon Oil/ Ester Fluids
Applicable Standards IS2026, IS1180, IEC60076

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  1. Designed as per customer requirement
  2. Mineral Oil as per IS 335
  3. Winding Material: Copper/Aluminium
  4. Losses as per IS & Customer Requirement
  5. Core – Step lap construction to ensure low noise and low loss.

Dynalektric manufactures a wide range of oil-filled transformers designed to meet the specification and provide reliable service. The range includes transformers up to 5 MVA 33 kV class