Furnace Transformer


Rating Up to 2.5MVA
Primary Voltage Up to 11kV
Secondary Voltage As per requirement
No of Phase Single & Three Phase
Cooling ONAN / ONAF
Winding Material Aluminium / Copper
Tapping Off circuit or OLTC
Insulation Class A,F,H
Applicable Standards IS2026, IEC60076




  1. Very high currents as compared to conventional transformers
  2. Provides large low voltage variation to suit furnace application
  3. Withstand harmonics generated due to rectifier, furnace operation

A Furnace transformer supplies power to an electric arc furnace and hence must handle extremely high currents of kilo-amps depending upon furnace ratings. Furnace transformers designed and manufactured by Dynalektric are capable of withstanding these high mechanical and thermal stresses due to high currents.