Chokes and Reactors


Application Harmonic Filters, Solar Application, Power Electronics, & Distribution Networks.
Inductors 1-Phase and 3-Phase
Current Rating Up to 2500A
Rated Frequency 50Hz/60Hz

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Different Types of Inductor:

  1. 1-phase and 3-phase inductors
  2. Line inductors
  3. Inverter / Converter line chokes
  4. Detuned reactors for power factor correction
  5. Filter chokes
  6. Balancing reactors
  7. Smoothening reactors
  8. Air core chokes
  9. Input choke for drives
  10. DC chokes & rectifiers
  11. Output choke for drives
  12. AC harmonic and ripple filtering

Dynalektric manufactures both AC & DC chokes.

AC Chokes manufactured by Dynalektric provide high levels of performance and withstand the toughest of conditions at all times. The chokes are light in weight and guarantee a longers life, with easy maintenance and affordable pricing, these chokes are gaining popularity.