Cubicle Panels


  1. All parts are made of high-grade stainless steel including all hardware
  2. Easy maintenance, marking off each wire for identification & natural air cooling
  3. For electrical parts fitments and wiring latest engineering practice followed for reliable performance in traction application.
  4. Equipped with all necessary protection devices for locomotive auxiliary equipment.





Auxiliary Circuit Cable 1 (HB1) and Auxiliary Circuit Cubicle 2 (HB2) for Three Phase Locomotive are panels of contactors, switches, circuit breakers, etc. It controls the input to several auxiliary assemblies of the locomotive like machine room blower, compressors, crew fan cab heater, etc.

Control Cubicle 1 (SB1) and Control Cubicle 2 (SB2) for Three Phase Locomotive are panels to provide the interface to locomotive devices like pantograph, traction converter, auxiliary converter, pneumatic panel etc. as well as to the control electronics.

The Filter Block is used to reduce harmonics in the catenary current.

Cubicle F is the interface between the Driver Control Desk and the Control cubicles SB1 & SB2.

The A, C and D Panels are mounted on the Driver Control Desk. These panels are used as human-machine interfaces.